How to fly in a hot air balloon if you have a fear of heights?

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Do you have a fear of heights? Don’t be afraid! You can still have an amazing experience flying in a hot air balloon. If you have a fear of heights, click here to learn how to fly in a hot air balloon.

Hot air balloons have been around for more than 200 years. Originating in France, balloons have been used for entertainment, romantic getaways and even trips around the world! In addition to serving a utilitarian function, they also decorate the sky with colors and various designs. Well, but what if you want to experience a balloon flight, but are afraid of heights? Are hot air balloons too much of a challenge for you? Is there a way to enjoy all the amazing benefits of hot air balloon travel without fear? You’ll be happy to know that there are ways to help you gain confidence and overcome or manage your fear of heights before you enter the balloon basket. Let’s discuss some of them so you can take a balloon trip without fear.

What is acrophobia?

Acrophobia is a term used by professional therapists to describe people with a fear of heights. It’s not just a small worry or fear. It is a phobia that affects daily life. The word phobia comes from the Greek “Phobos,” which means fear. Acrophobia is a very common phobia, affecting more than 7% of humanity. It should not be confused with the fear of falling. People with acrophobia may be afraid to climb mountains, ride elevators, ride roller coasters or do anything that involves heights. Being on tall buildings, towers or even driving over bridges can also be problematic.

Symptoms associated with fear of heights are:

  • crying
  • dizziness
  • sweating
  • twitching
  • accelerated heartbeat
  • fear
  • panic attacks

This is not a complete list of symptoms, although people with fear of heights tend to experience multiple symptoms at the same time.

How to overcome acrophobia?

When it comes to treating fear of heights, cognitive-behavioral therapy, or CBT, is usually the best course of action. Through CBT, people work to change the way they think about their fears, using behavioral approaches to change their thinking and coping skills in a healthy way. Another treatment option is to face the fear, in this case being somewhere high.

Why shouldn’t I be afraid in a hot air balloon flight?

Fear of heights has a lot to do with the way your brain measures distance and how you react to it. Imagine that you are looking down from a tall building. When your brain sees that objects are getting smaller relative to the distance from you vertically, your brain starts measuring distances. This is when you begin to feel fear. However, when flying in a hot air balloon, your brain doesn’t pick up the midpoint of the distance, only the horizontal distance (the horizon). All your brain sees is a continuous view of the landscape, fields, forests, houses, or other objects. It’s normal that you’ll feel anxiety especially during your first balloon flight, but you can deal with it!

Why fly a hot air balloon?

For people with a fear of heights, a balloon trip is the best way to overcome fear of heights.


Unlike flying in an airplane or riding an elevator, a hot air balloon flight is soft. you “float” with the wind without any vibrations or extreme movements. Sometimes you take off without even noticing it!


When the pilot controls the burner, the wind propels the balloon, so you don’t move at extreme speed. This slow motion is ideal for anyone who needs a gentle way to overcome a fear of heights.


When you’re in a hot air balloon, all you have to do is enjoy the amazing views. You don’t have to worry about anything. Your safety is supervised by an experienced pilot.

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How to take part in a balloon flight when you have a fear of heights?

If you are ready to face your fears and enter the basket, remember to prepare. Here are some tips to get you started.

Plan several months in advance

A hot air balloon trip needs to be planned weeks or months in advance. Call ahead and find out when is the best time to book your date. Scheduling your flight in advance gives you time to prepare for your sky sojourn. Don’t be afraid to make good use of this time and you will slowly become more confident. Make an effort to visit high places and talk to your loved ones about your concerns.

Bring someone with you

It is never recommended to face a phobia alone. Having a trusted friend or family member by your side will help you with some of the feelings of fear. They can hold your hand or guide you through a difficult moment. Seek out someone you love and trust and ask if they would be willing to help you overcome your fear.

Try not to focus on your fear

If you have been implementing tactics to get over your fear, now is the time to put them into practice! During your first flight, try not to focus on your fear. Enjoy the spectacular and picturesque view you experience while above the ground. Yes, you may feel insecure, at the very beginning! Take a few moments to get used to the situation, breathe deeply and try to relax. Most often, 10-15 minutes after takeoff, passengers realize that there is nothing to be afraid of after all.

Ready to face your fear?

Fear of heights should not stop you from boarding a balloon. Your flight can be a wonderful, unforgettable experience like no other. Balloons take your breath away, allowing you to feel freedom and gain a perspective you never had. Take matters into your own hands and buy a ticket for a balloon flight! You won’t regret doing it! Click here to book now.


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