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Przemek Moscicki

I am the founder and pilot at ProBallooning. I’ve been ballooning for more than 10 years and so far I managed to make around 500 flights. My first steps in ballooning, like most pilots, were taken in sport flying. In addition to performing commercial flights I am a member of the balloon section in Lublin Aeroclub and I actively participate in Polish Cup events. My goal is to widely promote ballooning in Poland.

What inspired me to open my own company?

Definitely the fact that I will professionally fulfill the dreams of others, and the desire to fly. Thanks to flying with passengers I am able to realize my passion and complete hundreds of hours in the air. 

Aline Anuch Kalousdian

Hi, I am Aline and I come from Brazil. I have been ballooning all my life. I owe my passion to my parents, who have been flying and manufacturing hot air balloons for over 30 years. Me and my two brothers are also pilots. From an early age I have participated in balloon competitions and festivals around the world. Among others in: Brazil, Peru, Japan, USA, Armenia, Poland or Germany. My dream is to admire the flora and fauna while flying in Africa.

Balloon flight is always full of adventures. Every time you experience something new and you can meet interesting people. Most importantly, you are close to nature and you can experience it in a unique way.

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