Admire the surroundings of Warsaw from a balloon

Welcome to Proballooning!

Every balloon flight is unique, we are never sure exactly where the wind will carry us. Although it sounds extremely romantic, it carries many limitations. No worries! Enjoy your flight and our qualified pilots will take care of your safety.


Balloon flights are not only our business but first of all our passion. We have gained experience over the years, spending hundreds of hours in the air and competing in sporting events around the world.

We offer flights in small balloons, in intimate groups. Each of our balloons is perfectly maintained to ensure maximum safety and comfort. What’s more, with our local operations, you don’t have to wait months for your flight.

Where do we fly?

Admire the surroundings of Warsaw from a balloon

Flights take place in the vicinity of locations:

You have the opportunity to see the most beautiful places:

Exact starting points depend on the wind direction and are determined before the flight itself. Due to airspace restrictions, flights take place outside of the centers of large cities. In the case of private flights, it is possible to individually select the place of takeoff.

How the flight is performed

Equipment inspection
and training
for passengers 

1 hour of

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on site

to a soft

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and certificate


How to fly

Select the flight you are interested in
Buy a ticket, or choose to pay on-site
Choose a convenient flight date*
Bravo! You'll get a confirmation with the time and place of meeting soon

*Flights take place only on clear days with winds up to 5m/sec. If the date chosen by you does not allow to make the flight, the office will arrange with you a new, convenient date.  
In case of PRESENT VOUCHERS the recipient may choose the date of the flight by contacting the office

Why us?

You have 2 years to redeem your ticket, and the option to reschedule for free up to 3 days before your flight. You can also return your ticket to us up to 14 days after purchase.
Your comfort is most important to us. For flights with our balloons we take max 5 passengers.
You can count on us at every stage from booking to flight. We will take care of you and answer all your questions.
Our company flies legally and meets all the requirements of the Civil Aviation Authority to organize commercial flights. 
At Proballooning, we only sell as many tickets as we can in a given season. With us, you don’t have to wait months for your flight. 
Our balloons are insured and undergo regular inspections at certified centers. Additionally, we insure each passenger.

Feedback from our clients

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For safety reasons, we do not take: pregnant women, children under 4 years of age, people who dived up to 48 hours before the flight.

Balloon flights take place all year round from Monday to Sunday. Take-offs are planned right at sunrise and before sunset, but they are highly dependent on weather conditions.

It is not possible to perform a balloon flight in the case of:
precipitation, cloud base too low, fog, or storm cells within 100 km from the take-off site. The wind speed must not exceed 15 km / h.

A balloon is one of the safest means of transport. Balloon flights are performed by experienced pilots and are carried out using high-quality equipment.

The balloons have EU certificates and are subject to technical maintenance in accordance with the regulations. Flights are carried out only in favorable weather conditions.

We recommend a comfortable outfit adapted to the season. We suggest wearing a hat, a long-sleeved sweatshirt, covered shoes with a flat sole. We also recommend that you bring sunglasses.

In the case of private flights, it is possible to choose an individual starting point. After sending the exact location, we analyze it and check the airspace availability. The take-off site should not be smaller than 60 m x 60 m and should not be in the immediate vicinity of power lines.

The comfort of our passengers is the most important for us, therefore we take max. 5 passengers.