Frequently asked questions

For safety reasons, the following are not allowed in the sky: pregnant women, children under 4 years of age, people who have been diving up to 48 hours before the flight

Balloon flights take place throughout the year from Monday to Sunday. The launches are scheduled just before sunrise and just before sunset, but are strongly dependent on meteorological conditions.

It is not possible to perform a balloon flight in case of:
precipitation, too low cloud base, fog, or storm cells within 100 km of the launch site. Wind speed must not exceed 15 km/h.

Balloon is one of the safest means of transportation. Balloon flights are performed by experienced pilots and are realized on high quality equipment. Balloons have EU certificates and are subject to compliant maintenance. Flights are realized only in favorable weather conditions.

We recommend dressing comfortably, appropriate to the season. We suggest you wear a head covering, long sleeve sweatshirt, covered shoes with flat soles. We also recommend taking sunglasses

For private flights, there is an option to choose an individual take-off location. After sending the exact location we analyze it and check the availability of airspace. Take-off site should not be smaller than 60 m x 60 m and should not be located in the immediate vicinity of power lines.

The comfort of our passengers is most important to us, so we take max. 5 passengers.

The specificity of hot air balloons is to eliminate dangerous situations even before the launch. Almost ideal conditions are needed for the flight, therefore in case of rain, wind exceeding 15 km/h or dense fog the flight can be canceled. We usually inform you about the cancellation of the flight 3 days before the scheduled date. In this situation, we arrange another date convenient to passengers.

Unfortunately, we do not take pregnant women on balloon flights.

In such a case, please contact our office urgently and inform us of this situation
Cancellation of a flight by a passenger less than 24 hours before the scheduled time of the meeting means that the voucher cannot be used again – the flight is forfeited.

Yes, we fly year round at our company. Additionally, from late fall to early spring there is the possibility of flying during the entire day. In the warmer months, flights take place only just after sunrise and before sunset.

Although the most important restriction is height (minimum 110 cm), we do not recommend flights for children under 4 years of age. Up to the age of 18, the presence of a guardian is required. There is no upper age limit for balloon flight, but a person should be able to hold on to the handles in the basket and bend their legs for landing.

Weight limit for standard tickets is 110 kg. Above that, a surcharge of 50% of the ticket price is charged.

The height of the balloon flight is determined by airspace restrictions. In the vicinity of Warsaw it is from 600 m to 1 km.

Of course! We encourage you to record and take photos during your flight and there is no additional charge for doing so.